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In a moment of depression, Neil admitted his feelings for Alex to Malcolm, but Alex reassured Malcolm that she did not care for Neil, and the couple went back to planning their life together.

Malcolm, Alex and Neil ended up a trip to Kenya where Malcolm overheard Alex talking about her feelings for Neil, but did not hear that Alex decided to fully commit to Malcolm.

In an interview with But fans need not worry about the show invoking the unfortunate Bury Your Gays trope, as Kreisberg added: "Maggie does not die."I'm sure a lot of people are afraid of that.

Maggie will continue to exist in the world and if the opportunity presents itself for her, she'll come back."Before the character does exit the show, she's got some good stories coming up, ones that are based on the personal dating histories of the writers and crew."It's some of the most emotional stuff we've ever done, and Floriana has been so good in these first five episodes."Episode 3 is all about Maggie and her dad, played by Carlos Bernard, and it's some of the most heartbreaking stuff I've ever done on anything I've ever done.

Olivia Winters helped Alex win the case however, the two were never friends because Olivia was constantly afraid of losing Neil to Alex.

Meanwhile, Neil's brother Malcolm Winters fell for Alex and they started dating.

Angered, Ralph tracked Amanda down, and he began to stalk Mac.

She was working together with Neil Winters and the attraction between them was high even though they were constantly fighting.—Douglas on his firing from the soap opera (2001) History According to Sean, he dropped out of MIT as an 18-year-old junior, and began traveling the country for five years with a backpack as his only possession.He stopped long enough to get involved on the ground floor with a web company and made a killing on his stock options before the company made their down fall.Alex decided to move back to Minneapolis after she wasn't able to deal with the guilt. He would later become a prominent boyfriend of both Phyllis Summers and Jill Abbott.In July 2001, it was announced that Douglas had been let go from the role, and that it would be recast.

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Sean arrived in Genoa City coincidentally to replace Phyllis as Jabot Website Designer, complete with nose ring and laid back wardrobe. The mysterious Sean seemed to have scoped out the options and chose "older woman" Jill Abbott as his companion.

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