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Accordingly, it has been the purpose of this research to investigate these deposits through both survey and excavation, and to provide details on this archaeology.

This research thus provides the first ever comprehensively described and dated ESA sites for this region, and from this we can now begin to construct our understanding of the local Acheulean Tradition.

Our investigations have shown that largely different contextual conditions are present at each of the three sites.

This has had significant impacts on the integrity of these assemblages, and the preservation and retention of assemblage components are highly variable between them.

Having completed my Honours degree with distinction I was then afforded the opportunity to progress straight to a Ph D at the same institution, beginning in 2011 and ending in 2016.

Prepared core technology illustrates in-depth planning and the presence of a mental template during the core reduction process.

A multi-disciplinary fine resolution stratigraphically-sensitive approach was adopted to determine if the integrity of the Fauresmith as an assemblage was affected by the mixed contact zone (MCZ) that exists at the interface between the Hutton Sands and the gravels in Pit 4 West.

Using this high resolution stratigraphic framework, this research has provided a more detailed assessment of the context of the Fauresmith than previous excavations.

Although these similarities are present, several notable differences also occur that make the Victoria West a unique and distinctive prepared core technology; these are: elongated and convergent core shapes, consistent blow directions for flake removal, a predominance of large side-struck flakes, and the use of these flakes to make Acheulean large cutting tools.

Data presented document the mixing between the lowest levels of the fine sediments and the underlying alluvial gravels.

This study thus provides important contextual information for the Fauresmith industry at Canteen Kopje.

This technology is, therefore, a significant indicator in studying the evolution of abstract thought and the cognitive abilities of hominids.

Here, we report on Victoria West cores excavated from the Canteen Kopje site in central South Africa, with a preliminary age estimate of approximately 1 Ma (million years ago) for these cores.

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The Fauresmith sample size from the site has been increased, with well-preserved diagnostic Fauresmith artefacts being yielded.

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